Help With A Claim For Damaged Phone


Hi all
I am insured with the AA and recently went swimming with my IPhone in my pocket?. They have passed me to Direct Validation services to get the phone looked at. Few issues I have are as follows
1 – They want the 200 excess up front before they look at the phone. Is this right?
2 – They want my password for the phone and say they can’t do full diagnostics without it. I explained the phone is dead and if they get it to power up I would remotely wipe it so they wouldn’t need my password which I use for other devices. They got very funny about this, I am being fussy?
3 – They will only provide Cash value of what they can get the phone for, not what I paid from the Apple store?

They feel a bit dodgy to me and I feel like they are trying to put me off claiming! When I was insured with someone else years ago and my surface tablet broke. They inspected it and just gave me the money money minus the excess as it couldn’t be repaired so I could buy another from Microsoft. I would rather get a new phone from Apple as not sure I trust these people!

Any advice great fully received!


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