Help with my car insurance


Hi two days ago i was approaching traffic lights on a round about as they turned green i was rolling at 5mph ready to go when a car hit into the back of me.

i got out and realised a woman had crashed into him from behind aswell, the woman said he had crashed into me casuing him to stop and crashed into him, i got home informed my insurance and thought ill make a claim through his insurance.

His insurance then said he has claimed she hit him pushing his car into mine so ive had to go through my own… they have reffered me to Auxillis a credit hire company where they take my car price up repairs and give me a car whislt mines getting fixed and all charges will be to the man who hit me, but what if she becomes liable for the crash my insurance haven’t really asked about her involvement as much as i have tried to tell them they didnt seem to interested just wanted to know about the car that hit me.

Now im worried that if it is her fault(which i don’t believe it is due to force i was hit, it was also a 50mph road) would they then charge me as Auxillis have only said they will claim of the man who hit me.

Also i have seen alot of bad reviews about Auxillis about people getting charged in future and why have my insursnce reffered mw straight to them i would rather the ford garage deal with repairs as i got a qoute from them and i trust it would be done properly, sorry for the long thread i need advice on what to do and can i ask my insurer to not go through with Auxillis and with a main dealer


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