High Car Insurance Quotes for New UK License Holders (but experienced EU driver)

Hi all

Would really be grateful for some advice on behalf of a friend.

She moved to the UK in 2014 to live and work and has just obtained a full-UK driving license (February 2018). She works full time for the council. Previous to this, she has driven in Italy for approximately 15 years with a clean license and no accidents that were her fault. She can provide documentation (in Italian) to prove this.

She is trying to insure a 1.0 litre vehicle, but is being quoted over £700 because none of the insurance companies she has spoken to take into account her Italian driving history despite having documentary evidence. They seem to focus only on her UK history – only 2 months, and 0 years no-claims.

Are there any companies out there that would consider her Italian driving history and charge a lower premium?

Many thanks.

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