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Hi there

I am hoping you might be able to help me out of a horrible predicament, I was very unlucky to have been involved in a hit and run accident where a stolen trailer hit my car and caused a huge amount of damage. The car and trailer didn’t stop (Obviously as it was stolen) and I have been hit with the excess and total loss of our no claims discount. The insurance company are sating that unless we can prove who the driver is of the stolen car and trailer then this will go down as our fault which is only going to make our premiums totally unnafordable (Audi car, previous accident which was my fault) so, can they do this? I have provided CCTV footage of the accident, this clearly shows the trailer being towed along by a rope on the back of a Peugeot 306! there is a police report from a well known large contractor to say their trailer had been stolen earlier in the day, 3 other cars had also been hit by the trailer before it was dumped, but I appear to be the one being penalized simply by being the victim of a crime,

Where do I stand legally on this?

Many thanks


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