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Hi all,

First time buyer need to arrange home insurance but I’m confused on some “add-on” cover and not sure if I should get them. It’s a leasehold flat so there is building insurance in place. I’d be grateful if someone could clarify if the below cover is correct for the scenarios that I can think of.

1. Accidental damage cover: forgot to switch of kitchen stove, cause fire and damage kitchen unit.

2. Accidental damage cover: as above, but fire spread to neighbour’s home

3. Accidental damage cover: Washing Machine leaking cause damage to my carpet or floor

4. Legal Expense cover: Washing Machine leaking and causes damage to the flat blow, I don’t agree with their claim amount. If they want to sue me then I have legal expense cover to fight them in court

5. Home emergency & accidental damage cover: Drill into pipe and cause water leak.

Also, what cover should I get for any damaged caused in neighbour’s home during refurbishment? The lease says insurance must be in place before starting any work.

Thanks a lot.


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