Home insurance cash settlement figure way too low



In May I had a burst pipe underneath the concrete floor in my downstairs shower room.

It must have been leaking for some time as it’s affected 5 rooms, in the immediate vicinity the water had risen 2-3 feet up the wall.

Drying has been complete since the middle of July. To give an indication of the size of the problem, ceramic floor tiles have been removed in the kitchen, shower room and porch, as well as areas of wall plaster in 4 of the 5 rooms.

I’m now negotiating a cash settlement, as I have doubts about the insurance company completing the work. This is based on the poor service I’ve received, and extra work caused, during the process so far.

I’ve had quotes from independant contractors around the £10,000 mark, but the insurance company are offering less than £3,000.

The current issue is the insurance company don’t seem to be able to create a correct Scope of Works – there are many many items of work missing. They revisited last week to do a new scope, and we went through each room in detail, alongside my own list, and after working on this for a full week, the insurance company still can’t get the scope right.

I expect some discrepency between my quotes and the insurers cash settlement, but not over £7,000.

Can anyone suggest a way forward please ?
I’m considering paying an independent RICS Loss Adjuster to do a Scope of Works, and then raising the issue with the Financial Ombudsman.

Thanks in advance.


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