Home insurance claim for stolen watch


Hello people,
I’m hoping you can help advice on the following problem I have.

No proof of purchase receipt for watch as it was a gift from an ex whom I no longer speak with.

1) My expensive watch was stolen from my home – as well as some other small items.

2) I have the watch insured as extra on my home insurance policy to the sum of £4k. Although it’s worth a bit more.

3) I reported it to the police and received the crime ref number etc.

4) Everything was correctly reported to the insurance company.

5) I have provided the insurance company with pictures of the watch in it’s box and me wearing it recently, etc.

6) I told them that I still have the box only with manual if they want them.

7) I also managed to find a receipt from a pawn shop when I pawned it last year which shows me having paid over £2,500 to get it back. This receipt is in my name and paid with my credit card only about 8 months ago. They said this is no good! That really surprised me!!

The insurer has told me that they need proof of purchase and asked me if they can contact my ex who I have explained to them lives abroad and has no interest in helping me. She’s busy in her own life and we don’t even get on now. I’ve asked her to send the receipt but she told me she can’t find it. I’ve explained all this to the insurer. The watch was purchased in Italy as far as I am aware. Def not purchased in the UK and it’s less than 2 years old.

Is this normal practice? Why won’t they pay out with all the information I have provided? It’s been months now and they still expect me to get the receipt from my ex somehow!!

What can I do and is this normal practice for a large insurer???? It’s my first ever claim too.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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