Home Insurance – moral (and financial dilemma regarding NCD)

I have held contents insurance whilst renting for the last 2 years, from this renewal will have 2 years NCB.

Recently purchased my own home, added buildings cover during the last years insurance. First time I’ve had to take out my own buildings insurance.

My renewal has come through and the premium is far lower than I was expecting, reading through all the details evething is correct except one thing, it shows on the documents i have 5 years buildings NCD and 5 years contents NCD.

I have never told my insurer I have this level of NCD, so I don’t know how this has happened. I was expecting confirmation of 2 years for contents and 0 for buildings.

Should I own up to the insurers own mistake, or work on the basis it’s their mistake and I haven’t misled them so it’s not my fault?

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