Home insurance no claims discount- single to joint


Hi all,

My wife and I are in the process of buying a house together. We currently both own houses individually and have individual insurance. The new house will be in both names so it will be a joint home insurance policy.

On my wife’s current house, she has 5 years no claims discount. However, I made a claim on my house’s home insurance 3 years ago, before I moved in with my wife. Since then I’ve been immediate family on my wife’s house’s insurance and my flat has been let out with landlord insurance, so have no built up NCD of my own for home insurance.

So the question is on our joint policy, can we use my wife’s built up no claims (declaring my loss alongside this of course) or because I’m added on the policy, does this get overruled or reset? It might need to ring an insurer to ask them to confirm but wondered if anyone had any experience of this. Thanks all!


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