Home insurance that covers gas leaks



After shelling out for John Lewis top of the range Home insurance with Home emergency cover I now find that they do not cover for gas leaks. I have a gas leak probably under a concrete floor and so the gas registered plumber capped off the supply. I now have no hot water central heating 2 fires and a hob out of action. JL (Royal Sun Alliance) say they will not cover this as a home emergency OR under building insurance as they exclude gas leaks!

Now all the gas supplies to each device have to be re-installed or most of the ground floor of the house will have to be dug up…..

How do I find an honest blue chip insurer that will cover this and all risks without things being hidden in small print?

So JL if my house blew up you wouldn’t cover it…..????

Anyone think this is worth raising with the Ombudsman?



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