Home Insurer refusing to reinsure – is this allowed?!


Fairly bog standard terrace house in London There is a very small stream behind our house which has never flooded, when we moved in over 10 years ago, our neighbours at the time (who had lived there 50 years at the time) confirmed this. Major flood prevention have been completed so a local park would flood rather than houses.

This year, our insurer have remodelled their flood maps, and now this year do not want to insure us – is this allowed?

We are feeling rather stuck as it is 3 weeks from renewal, and we are currently abroad – we moved out of the house nearly 12 months ago and paid a lot more for ‘non standard’ BTL home insurance. We were always covered by Halifax before this.

Additional complications: terrace house has a loft conversion, so a portion of the house has a flat felt roof (which we paid over 200 pounds to get inspected to comply with the insurance last year).

2nd complication, we have a side return extension with a glass lean to roof (which is actually not that uncommon in recently renovated London houses).

We can’t pass any online quote requests. I don’t know what to do, but seems so unfair an insurer can change their modelling and refuse to reinsure.

Any advice? It would be greatfully received.


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