Hoping for some advice please

Hi All,

Apologies in advance if this information is available elsewhere, but your guys accuracy and responsiveness has always beaten trawling through information or calling around 🙂

I have a Sainsbury’s CC, I’m out of the 0% purchase term (ended Feb), and have until October to pay off the remaining balance (2k). I have no issues here, and payments will be made on time.

So, my car insurance is due on 24th April, and now I can’t use this card to pay the balance.

1) Am I too late to apply for a new card with another company (eg. Virgin 30mths 0%)
2) Is it an option to call Sainsburys and ask for a new credit card, but with the 28mths 0% promotion? I expect they’ll tell me to git gone…
3) Is there another alternative? Other than monthly payments with the insurer… that’s a last resort.

Thanks in advance for anyone able to help 🙂


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