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Hi! Bit of a complicated situation here, I’ll get straight to the point..

I was the only motability driver for my gran from 2012-2017 When she unfortunately passed away. After her death I bought my own car and dealt with my own insurance for the first time ever.

Now this is where the issue starts. I wasn’t aware I could use my Motability History Check Letter (which i now have) as a form of no claims, so I put zero NC down and had to pay 97 a month to Goskippy (horrible).

My insurence comes go an end at midnight tonight and I already had my new insurance in place (550 in one payment), but unfortunately I had a minor bump into someone couple weeks ago. Very minor, nothing wrong noticeably with my or his car, but the person is milking it and claiming whiplash etc.

So now my NCB is up in the air and companies are telling me I can’t even use my Motability years since I forgot to submit it to Goskippy as I didn’t know I could at the time, which leave me with zero NCB thanks to a minor accident. The only accident I’ve had since I passed my test in 2012, and it’s shot my insurance right up to a point I csnt afford to take on a new policy.

Is there any way I can get my Motability years added on, so that I will have 4 NCB (minus 2 years for my recent ‘crash’) instead of none?

I feel I’m being hammered for not being aware I could use history check letter. I am kicking myself about this but my gran passing last year was the worst event in my life and still is very raw.

Thanks in advance.

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