House flooding – insurance claim


Hi everyone, looking for a bit of advice.

I am a council tenant in Scotland, I have been in my house for 4 years. In 2015 I had a small flood and the council came out to fix the cause of it (something in the loft) and I got compensation for damage etc. Last December I was in hospital for 3 days and when I got home my house had flooded again (same cause) but this time everything in my house was ruined, ceilings down everything ruined. The council decanted me to a diff property and told me 3 months and it would all be redone. It’s been 6 months and my moving home date is 23rd may. I don’t have home insurance but the council have already accepted liability and said I will be compensated by Zurich. Has this happened to anyone before? I have a 2 bedroom up&downdtairs house and everything was ruined (decoration flooring furniture white goods my clothing electricals everything) the council are going to fit me a new kitchen and bathroom and plaster for me but that’s it. The decorating etc is being left to me. Does anyone know a rough figure of how much the compensation will pay out? Thanks in advance


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