House insurance renewal but about to exchange!


Hi all,

Hoping to get some opinions/advice on the best way to proceed with house insurance when moving house.

Our house insurance annual renewal is due next week which is great timing as we’re about to move house. So I’ve called up our existing provider and after negotiating a lower price (hurrah), they have said that when we move there will be no administration charge to change the address on the policy – so far so good! They even have additional policy cover you can take out for your new house when exchanging on a new property… but it is only for 30 days cover from exchange to completion and our timescales are looking closer to 60 days.

So the question is:

1) Do I renew the policy and take out short term insurance on the new house for exchange-completion until we move in?

2) Does anyone know of a company that has a more generous exchange policy together with general house insurance that I could go to?

Understandably, it’s a bit of a unique situation so the comparison websites are failing me at the minute.

Any tips/advice, gratefully appreciated!


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