How do I complain about my Legal Insurance?


I have group insurance through work. The telephone advice suggested we would have a case.

I immediately completed a claim form explaining there was a strict 6 week deadline to appeal a council decision. They did not respond for 3.5 weeks and asked for a valuation of loss prior to agreeing consent for a solicitor just before a bank holiday. We informed them that we were unable to procure one until 28th August (3 days before the court deadline) and that the terms and conditions did not state that we needed a loss of value or that they need the value of the case to outweigh the solicitor costs.

We completed the valuation as asked and they then stated that due to the small value of loss (£5000) that they would not pursue.

I have asked where in my terms and conditions it states that there must be a value of loss. They cannot point me to anywhere it states this in my terms and conditions and that it is policy.

We will now miss our court deadline and cannot employ another solicitor to take our case on because of their time delays.

How do we go about making a complaint?

We began a complaint via the Managing Director by email but it feels like it is being dealt with informally by them. How do we go about making this a formal complaint or do we take it straight to the FCA? Or should we employ another solicitor to sue the legal insurance for loss of the £5000 and costs / damages?

Many thanks in advance for any advice.


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