How easy is it to get a Tesco credit card? (tarting Q)



I’ve a normal Tesco credit card, and a credit card with another bank whose 0% is ending soon.

I wanted to see if Tesco would give me a 0% balance transfer as I have a long relationship with them and a high credit limit.

Just spoke to them on the phone and they said no offers at present, but why not apply for a balance transfer card with us? What seems to be good about this is that I can transfer some of my credit limit across if I need to (I don’t know how good they are about new card credit limits and I want to make sure I have enough to get all of the other debt on 0%).

They’ve said being a customer doesn’t change the application, so I did a soft search to see if they would accept me and they don’t come up on there at all.

Barclaycard does come up with an 8/10 chance, so I could apply for them but don’t know what credit limit they would give (and therefore whether I’d get enough to transfer everything).

I’d love some advice if anyone has knowledge on this?

Thank you


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