How many credit cards is recommended ?


Hi everyone I!!!8217;m just looking to get some advice please on credit cards I got into quite a lot of debt when I was 18 and it followed me around for years, until around 4 years ago at the age of 29 I finally took control and grew up and took responsibility for everything and cleared everything up. I then started from the bottom with high apr credit cards etc and it!!!8217;s now got to the point where I now have 7 active credit cards all with a £0 balance. I also have 2 bank accounts with overdrafts again with £0 balances So what would you recommend I do as I!!!8217;m assuming 7 cards is quite a lot to have sat empty ? The cards I have are

Barclaycard Platinum £2900 limit
Halifax credit card £650 limit
Asda Credit card £4320 limit
Capitalone £1850
Vanquish £500
Cashplus £2000
Ikano store card £100
PayPal credit £500

Natwest bank account £3500 overdraft
TSB bank account £1000 overdraft

Any advice would be grateful in respect of making my credit report even better thank you

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