How to challenge a 50-50 settlement


Back in Dec 2017, I was 20m away from my properly parked car when I saw a taxi driver turning 180 degrees and finally hit my car. The taxi driver (private hire) had 2 customers inside the taxi and the taxi driver obviously accepted his fault. I made a formal claim to my insurance (Llloyds) and the car was repaired without any problems. This week (25th May 2018) I received my renewal offer (15th June 2018) from my insurance and I was parallelized when I read that their intentions were to increase my premium £650 and that my number of NCD years was reduced to just 1 from 3. I phoned them and asked why and the lady on the telephone said that they finally agreed a 50-50 settlement. Unfortunately I could not get any more information because Ihad to call to another phone number and the services were not operative until next week. As far as I know I have not been asked to pay any excees as of today, however my premium has doubled.
I have pictures from the incident and I now the time and date so I could potentially find the name of the taxi customers, but I don’t know if the taxi company is going to provide that information. The thing is that I would like to challenge this as in my view it is pretty clear that it was not my fault! If I file a small claim, what should I claim? Even If I now change my insurer I cannot count with the number of NCD years that I should have and considering the date today (26th May 2017) it is clear that they are not going to give me back the NCD years before the renewal date.

Any advice?

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