HSBC Credit Card – Direct debit setup

So, my wife and I have a new HSBC credit card each for balance transfers and have attempted to set up a DD for each of these.

Obviously, I want to be careful not to late pay as I will lose my 0% deal, but it seems as clear as mud as to whether my DD has been set up.

Both of us have had letters saying they are set up (mine came via their electronic system on internet banking).

However, we have both have statements after that which doesnt state the direct debit will be taken (or even mention one).

Furthermore, I can’t even see the direct debit on my internet banking, it just says download a DD form here.

Bit of a nightmare really. Obviously I will make a payment before the due date via my internet banking just in case, but I am wary of double paying.

I should add that I don’t bank with HSBC.

So, a couple of questions.
– Those with a HSBC card, doesn it mention a DD on the statement when you have it in place?
– Does it normally take several months to actually, set it up? (HSBC seem a bit !!!!less)

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