I don’t know what insurance to get!


Hi everyone,

I own a lot of RAF (specifically 1940 Battle of Britain) memorabilia. Which includes a completely populated (i.e. all the instruments are genunine 1940 Hurricane/Spitfire – some were interchangeable between the aircraft) instrument panel. This includes the P8 Compass found in the aircraft of the period.

I also have the Flying Boots, Gauntlets, Lifevest, Type C Helmet, Oxygen Mask/Radio, Irvin Flying Jacket, and Goggles.

Included in my display is a section of Ian Gleeds Hurricane, which shows Figaro the Cat punching a reverse Hakenkruez (Swastika).

I have been asked if I would show this at the upcoming Battle of Britain, RAF 100, Mess Dinner (13th Sep for Officers, and 15th Sep for the WO’s & SNCO’s).

There lies a dilemma in itself! Do I keep it in the loft out of harms way. Or do I show it! (IMO it needs to be seen) and the respective owners remembered.

I need to insure all this kit. BUT, if (for example) a piece of my collection went walkabout, or the DO NOT TOUCH warnings were ignored and a piece got damaged, or broken. I can’t replace it!

All the money in the world is not going to get me another Oil, Temp or Fuel Gauge or Gunsight. There simply aren’t any left to buy!

What to do? Who will insure it? How much would it cost?


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