I want by NCB back!



In 2012 I had full No Claims Bonus, "over 9 years" it said on my policy.

We sold the car and we decided not to replace it, we live in London with frequent local buses and tubes, we travel free of charge, we used Uber for short trips, we rented a car whenever we needed to travel or we went by train. I didn’t stop driving as we rented occasionally, but I also work 3 days a week driving a London bus.

In 2017 we bought a car again. Although the insurance companies confirmed they could see my history of NCB stretching back years, they wouldn’t recognise it as there had been a break of 5 years and I’d have to start with Zero NCB! so I paid through the nose.

Now it’s renewal time, after one year they’re offering me 2 years’ NCB. Better, but I had 9 years plus. After all, I’d been driving cars regularly and buses continuously, so it’s not like I’ve become a novice and I’d love my full NCB back! Any ideas? Anyone?

Kind regards


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