I Won An American Express Chargeback Case, Now What?


Hello lovely people of the MSE forum! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, hope you guys can help.

So here’s my problem, I bought a used car from a dodgy dealer in Poole, pretty much exactly a year ago.

Long story short, the dealer didn’t uphold their end of the bargain from the very beginning, they stopped communicating with me early on and ceased trading, which as it turns out, is something they do every few months. They will then reopen, from the same premises, under a slightly different name and with fake directorial details (John Smith, Jesse James etc)

Anyway, I got American Express involved who have finally given me the money back via a chargeback case (even though I asked to open a section 75) but they are unable to advise me on the next step.

My question is, what do I do with the car now?

American Express said that the dealer has not responded to their information requests, probably because they are no longer trading under their old name but then told me that what happens with the car is between me and the dealer. Well, they don’t respond to me either and I don’t want them to, my research on them has shown that these guys are thugs and probably criminals!

Is there a time limit I should keep the car in case the dealer asks for it back? American Express say their responsibility in this case is now over.

What do I do with this thing? It’s just sitting there, declared SORN, taking up space.


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