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In January this year I hired a car from Santader airport in Spain from Goldcar. Later that week we were driving on a small country road when a local old lady came round a bend too fast and hit us head on causing extensive damage to the car. The collision was 100% her fault we had braked and come to a halt. Goldcar charged me €1,100 in excess. On returning to the UK I attempted to reclaim the money from icarinsurance, but they are refusing to pay as Goldcar has not provided me with a breakdown of the repair costs. I have emailed Goldcar, as have Halo (the claims servicing branch of icarinsurance), but they have not replied to any emails. Icarinsurance are now suggesting I complain about the lack of documentation via the European Car Hire complaint service ECRCS.EU but Goldcar are not a party to this association. Icarinsurance are telling me that it is in their Terms and Conditions that they will not pay out unless they receive a breakdown of the repair costs, but there appears to be no way of getting Goldcar to provide this. I am out of pocket €1,100 for a crash that clearly involved damage in excess of that. Do I have any rights? I subsequently hired another car from Goldcar who made it clear on that occassion that they would not provide any information to 3rd party insurers so that you need to buy Goldcar’s own vastly over-priced insurance to cover the excess.


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