Impossible to answer question as part of balance transfer


I wonder if MSErs have been in this position and can offer any advice?

I applied for a 24 month 0% fee and interest balance transfer credit card from Lloyds, after logging onto my Lloyds account, where I have a number of products. As part of the application, I requested the balance transfer, filling in the correct details.

I received the card, but today on phoning was told that the transfer hadn’t been effected. I was invited to do the balance transfer on the phone, and whilst this has always been a pain-free process on all previous occasions elsewhere, this time Lloyds requested me to confirm info from my credit files, posed in a multiple choice fashion.

The second question, however, was impossible to answer. It asked me what the credit limit was on “my card”, without specifying which card. As I have 15 credit cards with varying credit limits, I would have only a 1 in 15 chance of answering “correctly”, and an “incorrect” answer would kibosh the transfer completely. It is possible that the operative failed to read the question correctly (in case it had specified a card) although I did ask her to check and confirm

The operative and her manager said they understood what I was saying (I don’t think they did), but could only advise that I go into branch with ID to get this done. I would be reluctant to do so , as it is Lloyds that has failed (twice) in processing the transfer

I have made my (inevitable and heart-sinking) complaint.

Can anyone explain this ludicrous situation and any way to resolve it?


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