Income protection insurance

Seeking a combined policy. Was quoted £24 via a broker until full application.

I disclosed muscular back pain because I have been to the GP and was referred to an NHS chiropractor. No treatment was ever given it was just a consultation because they contacted me 6 months after I went to the GP by which time I had paid for various deep tissue treatments and improved the problem.

As a result the premium has increased to £30pcm and now excludes any back related claims in the next 25 years

I queried if I were in a car accident or whatever and injured/broke my back and they have said I wouldn’t be covered despite this being completely unrelated.

To be clear I have never had surgery, a day off work or any diagnosis. But I have had this problem since I was 15, it is muscular and a GP would disclose a visit and referral in the last 5 years which is why I declared it.

Does the exclusion seem extreme or the norm?

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