Income Protection voided, help please.


I have had my income protection policy voided by the insurer (I took out myself around 10 years ago).

The reason is that following a recent claim the insurers contacted my GP for my medical records, they have advised that when I was a 10 year old I saw a consultant regarding some joint pains, and hadn’t declared this.

I spoke to my mother who confirmed this, although I had no memory of the incident. Having reviewed my application for it does say if you KNOWINGLY withheld information your policy may be voided.

I had no knowledge of this and I wondered if it is reasonable for a company to void a policy in this circumstance. Is it reasonable to expect someone to remember an incident from childhood, which had no symptoms or treatment as an adult?

I have complained to the insurers for the above reason, but I wonder what you guys think I could/should do.


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