Information held and required by insurer’s


Hi All

Sorry this is a bit of a rant. Is there a way to find out exactly what information is held on the insurance databases and also what information an insurance company require?

Having gone though the annual nightmare of insuring my car I’d like to find out if there is any standard across the board. For instance my car has been re-sprayed – some insurers consider this a modification others don’t. (I got a lecture when I said yes to modification only to be told if I bought the car like that is didn’t count, they only wanted to know if I had done it )

Also trying the comparison sites where they ask about claims /incidents history, there isn’t a way to select that you notified your insurer of a previous incident that resulted in £0 cost to them – all claims must have a cost (for example, my car hit whilst parked unfortunately someone took the plate of the other vehicle but it was either a false plate or incorrect, I didn’t want to loose my no claims so chose to repair independently.) Again I’ve had different answers as to weather I need to declare this. I always do as years ago I got stung similar situation (caught someone in the car trying to nick it) reported it but didn’t make a claim, didn’t realise I needed to mention it at renewal and subsequently had insurance cancelled for non disclosure. Some companies call it a reported incident, other call it a claim.

On a side note I find it incredibly unfair that these “claims /incidents” increase my premiums, in both cases I’ve been the victim of a crime, I’ve cover the cost of the repair myself and I’ve still been penalised by the insurance companies.

The lack of consistency is driving me nuts, I spent 2 hours on the phone trying to sort the insurance out this time round. Call centre staff can’t seem to deal with complicated histories so I only want to give them the relevant information they actually want / need


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