ins claim fiasco can i claim



my wife had an accident suffered head injury
police said just give this number to them they can get report.

my wife unfortunately called to give them the Number…
what follow was this

guy on phone kept wife on for an hour. she was in tears just asking if she could give them accident number off police. he kept asking questions she begged to give number he would let her go until he got every thing off her which information she gave was wrong anyway which caused more problems

yes I KNOW WHY DIDN’T SHE HANG UP because this was 5 days after a head injury and she didn’t know what she was doing.
then came courtesy ins told her they would sort it…
phone ring wife answered then a man talking about courtesy car made her go through the accident all over again, she was in tears on phone again saying she suffered head injury again wouldn’t let her get off.

because they made her give info which was not right they refused me a courtesy car which i was entitled to under ins anyway. I should say this was a company the ins co. gets to supply cars

then she has legal people ringing in tears she said she can’t do it go throught accedent details they ignored her then the physio rang and an hour at a time

the legal was passed on from ins co. It has left my wife terrified to talk to anyone at the mear mention of the accident and she has to deal with flash bck still after two and half years…

sorry to go on so much don’t know how to state any of this briefly

my question is can i get comensation of my insurance for the emotional horror they caused her?

please any help welcomed


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