Insane Motorcycle insurance quotes – Please help


Hello, I’m not entirely sure if this is the right place to ask this but lets give it a try:

I’m a young male looking for motorcycle insurance and for some reason every insurance company i called gave me insane quotes (talking about £3500-4000 per year). Now here are some basic details about me: I’m in full time education but have a part time job that can easily sustain my bike, my bike is a 2008 Yamaha YZF R125, which is just about the 3rd most common 125 on the streets, I live in a nice area which is mostly suburban with low crimerate (mind you I’m only looking at Third Party coverage, not Comprehensive or TPFT), my bike is being stored in a driveway but “garage” or at least locked storage is also available for it. It has an Immobiliser with and alarm fitted on it, a Datatag kit, a heavy duty gold rated chain and a disc lock for security. And i’m willing about £500 excess if needed but it didn’t seem to affect my quotes too much. Now here is the part that MIGHT be questionable but please read through. I’m 16 and I live in the UK for about 6 years and have a FULL EU A1 license. I rang the DVLA and they said I’m completely legal to drive with that license and if I want to they can swap it in for me once I turn 17 for a FULL UK A1 license. Now I’ve been riding for about a year prior to this in another country and I had absolutely zero criminal convictions or insurance issues/claims so all clean on that department. I also asked the insurance companies if they could just check their quotes pretending as if I was 17 with the full UK A1 but the quotes were only a few hundred pounds cheaper generally. I have looked online and on some general insurance estimate sites and i was genuinely expecting around £500-800 per year for insurance on my first year in the UK in fact one of my classmates at my college has the exact same bike but his one is a 2010 and he paid £650 for his first year and that was also TPFT not just TP. If anyone knows what the hell is going on I would greatly appreciate any input to try to figure this out.


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