Insurance amendment


My son is a named driver on my policy and had a no-fault accident recently. He was a bit shocked and his nervous tone on the phone set off alarm bells and they requested some documents. One of which is my mortgage deed.

After inspecting my documents I’ve spotted an error on the policy, next to ‘homeowner’ it said yes. I’m not the homeowner although I have lived at the address for the 15+ years as its our family home. I’m quite worried now as we have renewed with same insurer recently. We have only been with them for 2 years.

I suspect when my son was using the comparison websites to look for a new quote he must have clicked this option. Any advice how to handle this. Last year he renewed without thoroughly checking because most of details looked same.

I don’t mind paying any difference to the insurer, it’s a innocent mistake. I just don’t want my policy to be cancelled.


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