Insurance approved body shop. Or maybe not so assured


6 weeks ago I collided with a deer causing front end damage to my car. I claimed through my insurance and they had one of there bodyshops deal with it. 3 weeks later car was stated as done but upon inspection the paintwork and repairs were well below standard so car went back in 3 days later for a further 8 days car was delivered to my place of work around 9am and repairs looked good as I could see (heavy rain)

Anyhow this is where it gets complicated, I finished work at 4pm that day and car was never touched since it was dropped off. On my route home around 11 miles into my journey the bonnet flew up smashing the windscreen! Glass into my eyes which involved 4 hours in A&E and numerous days off work and further cleaning at my opticians! Also due to this I have missed a track day with my bike due to sore eyes and the lack of car and tow ball which couldn’t be refunded or changed.

Car is not back with the original body shop even after my objections until the car was inspected. Car has sat there for 8 days still awaiting an independent inspection and I’m really not sure where I stand with all this.


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