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Having a right game with Insurance broker…they asked for proof of no claims..renewal price ect and that’s fine.

Sent them the renewal price and proof of no claims from my previous broker (at the time they would be my current insurance broker) shows everything and more than they asked for.

New broker (who i’ve used previously so still hold my details) sends a letter (asked for all correspondence by email) stating everything has to be on headed paper,so sent again.

Another week later (were now nearly three weeks into new insurance) and another letter stating the NCB proof has to be on headed paper as does the renewal price…re-reading it its worded that all correspondence has to be from the insurer,well i deal with a broker and they deal with insurer.

Excuse my ignorance but surely the Broker headed paper showing all details the new broker has asked for would be sufficient….just as it was when the broker im returning to would have sent out the same damn details for me to use when i left them.

Anyone know if i can simply cancel the policy (happy to pay for the amount of days covered) as still no insurance documents and they have dragged there feet by sending letters through snail mail using up the 14 days cooling off period…its over a week ago ive sent all documents for the third time and today received response via mail stating same generic letter.

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