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I had Buildings insurance with Halifax. On the application I mistakenly stated my house was brick built which it is but it turns out under the hung tiling on the 1st floor it is also timber framed. Two months ago a tradesman ( who turned out to be uninsured) left his handbrake off outside my home. His van crashed into an outbuilding on my land 100 metres from the house. A Halifax claims assessor on visiting the house pointed out my house might have some timber framing. I phoned Halifax and explained and they said it was fine under the same policy but would cost an extra £70 a year which I agreed to pay.

Two days later I am told my insurance was invalid as they wouldn’t have covered it had they known about the hung tile/timber frame despite the fact they had agreed to insure it when I phoned them to explain. Clearly they are just avoiding the claim but do I have a leg to stand on with the ombudsman?


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