Insurance claim & medical report



My partner was in a car accident and he’s supposed to be getting physio for his injuries via a company that his insurance put him through to.

The medical report said his expected prognosis/recovery period was 12 months. The company are now saying the reason for his treatment being delayed (about 2 years now) was because admin delays meant they didn’t get the medical report and refer it to the medical agency until 9 months after it had been written. They have said that this meant they were outside of the expected prognosis period which expired in June 2016 (6 months on from the medical report being completed) and so the medical agency couldn’t arrange the treatment.

We’re a bit confused and was wondering if anybody can tell us why are there 2 different prognosis periods? Are they two separate things (i.e. the first is medical and the second is a limit that the medical agency have), or are they just trying to fob us off?

Hopefully that makes sense, any help would be very much appreciated!


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