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Back in August last year, there was a minor incident on my way home from work. Sat at a temporary red light, behind another car at road works. Our light changed to green and we pulled out to the right hand side of the road as it was down to one lane and proceeded forward slowly. I checked my mirror as I moved on, but then as I looked back I saw out the corner of my eye a car coming towards us at speed. He had carried on through his red light with no regards to anything.

There was minor contact between myself and the car in front. He had no damage and did not really care. He left the scene without even slowing down, so no one got his number plate. We reported it to the police immediately, but they just told us to report it to insurance. The other driver sent me a text message with his car number plate (which turned out to be wrong). I called my insurance in case it came back later to bite me later. As the damage to my car was superficial and the other driver was happy, I did not make a claim.

Yesterday, I got my renewal documents through and noticed that my no claims discount had taken a hit and they had me down as having a claim in August, so I called them up to clarify. Seems that 1 month ago, a water company had been in touch to make a claim against me for damage to equipment, so the claim is classed as “open”. They have provided no evidence to my insurance company. My insurance are going to chase for this.

This is all the information I have at the moment. What should I do? I know that I didn’t hit any equipment from the road works. I can’t even remember seeing any workers on site.


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