Insurance Company Threatening Action Help Please?



I wonder if anyone here can offer some advice please?

I completed an insurance comparison quote for my Daughter nearly a year ago and took the best quote for her moped. Nearly a year later (11 days left on the policy) she went to renew with them and they found that her date of birth was incorrect whilst going through the verification. This was an honest mistake, we have no idea how the year was wrong but it was and yes it should have been picked up by her upon checking the policy details but it wasn’t. As stated there are 11 days left on this policy and they are demanding £300 and threatening debt collection agencies if it is not paid within 7 days! is this right? Surely the policy should be just cancelled and that would be the end of it? how can they back charge 11 months as I am sure if she had the misfortune to make a claim they wouldn’t say “pay the £300 and we will process the claim!” any advice please?

Many Thanks!


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