insurance company threatening to sue me


hello looking for help – very worried

working as a plumber I visited a client who had problems with a shower pump – the previous plumber had installed the wrong pump and had been fitted in the wrong place and it had never worked properly. But they had tiling and bathroom replaced at the same time so didn’t want to dismantle. I explained id never have fitted the pump there and that their only option was to retro fit with the correct pump but in the same place (i.e. the incorrect place). I used above spec fittings and it worked well until they had a leak 10 months later causing damage.
I’ve had a letter from the insurance company stating they intend to sue me. I am registered as a limited company but as a new business I’ve no insurance ( and yes I know but I just couldn’t afford it)
the clients have been through a lot and I have offered to help ( they are/were acquaintances) but I did explain to them about the retro fit and they chose that rather than the extra work to fit it my way – im also kicking myself because this was verbal
my question is if I deny liability and explain that I have no insurance what happens next – the letter seems to state that they fully intend to sue


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