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Good evening.

My insurance company went bust ( Alpha insurance).I was paying 223 a mont for my taxi insurance. Om the 7th they charged me 223 and on the 8th tjey went bust.

My broker told me that I need to find a new insurer. They found one for 286 a month.

So, on the 8th I have called my bank to cancel the direct debits for my bankrupt company, and I told them to get my 223 back which I have paid for no reason.

They did. But one month later, the credit company rrjected the DD indemnity, so the bank gave them again 223 back.

The bottom line is that I ended up paying over 500 pounds in a month. The broker say I also owe them 450 pounds frim my previous policy.

What is there to do? I have paid everything on time, according to my payment schedule , for 8 months.

Now once of a sudden, I owe everybody money for a policy that does not exist anymore.

Also the finance company supplied my bank with a copy of an agrrement which has a fake signature in the customer box. It is not my signature.

Thank you in advance


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