Insurance for teaching from home


I’ve been asked by a friend of a friend if I will give her and her husband French lessons. They will be paying me. I could go to their house, but it’s much easier if they come to me (saves my travel costs, plus I have all my resources, dictionaries etc etc here). I need public liability insurance, and also cover in case they do damage/nick something (I’m sure they won’t, but damage can be accidental!). Giving French lessons is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, so if things go well with this couple I would be wanting to extend to more people and/or more times.

I’ve spoken to my household insurance, and there isn’t any public liability cover available through that policy. In fact, if I go ahead they won’t cover me for any theft from the house when the doors are unlocked AT ALL (not just the 2 hours of the lesson). Obviously I’m not happy about that.

So – I’m looking for public liability insurance, but also looking to ‘top up’ the household cover to include theft when unlocked. Does that even exist??

I know plenty of people who teach from home – the woman across the road from us gives piano lessons and has a constant stream of people coming and going, and I’ve been to classes myself in peoples homes. Do they just ‘hope for the best’, or is there a policy out there that would cover this situation?

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