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Hi all,

I am looking for some advice regarding a car insurance problem I am having which I could use advice for from somebody more experienced in the field than I. Sorry bit of a long story but trying to get as much detail as possible.

I have two cars, a VW Golf and a Chyrsler Voyager on seperate insurance policies. Both were insured with AA insurance. About two weeks ago I rang up AA insurance to add a second driver to my insurance policy for the Chysler Voyager (my childrens uncle, reason being it was handy for him to have access to the big 7 seater for taking the kids out when I am in work etc). The uncle in question has his own car which he is insured on but he checked and his insurance does not cover him on other cars which is why I added him as a second driver on my policy.

When I rang the AA up I did not have my policy number so gave them the vehicle registration for the Chrysler and personal details. As part of the conversation I explained the reasons for him driving it e.g. 7 seater useful for kids and so on. There were two conversations (one in the evening to get the price and again the next morning to confirm to go ahead and add the second driver on). At the end of the conversation I asked insurance to confirm the insurance was in effect from that point which they confirmed and I asked for the policy number which I then passed onto the uncle in case he happened to need it.

Anyway yesterday he had an accident when he nipped the shops (his fault). Nothing major but third party car has a damaged bumper which we obviously need to raise a claim for. He exchanged all the details with the third party and so on with the information which I had given him and went on his way, asked if he wanted him to deal with the insurance but I said I would do it for him. I double checked the policy received in the post before ringing up and discovered he was not insured on the Chrysler policy but on the Golf’s which I assumed was a clerical error on the AA’s part.

I rang customer services with the AA this morning and explained the issue expecting them to check the calls then rectify the issue to swap him to the correct policy. What they have told me is the policy for the Chrysler was cancelled in January due to the renewal sum not being paid. To my knowledge I have not received any correspondence regarding this policy being cancelled and thought it was still in force. While the uncle has not been driving the car since January, only the past two weeks or since so I added him a second driver, I have and it appears I have been uninsured all along. I have also questioned that since I rang up two weeks ago, didn’t have the policy number so gave them the registration for the Chyrsler along with my personal details, explained it was because it was for a 7 seater etc (when the golf is a five seater) and then confirmed the uncle would be insured from this date why would they not have raised the fact that this vehicle had no valid insurance policy at that point?

Clearly I am in fault in many ways, not checking the payment for the Chyrslers insurance had gone out in the first place back in Jan, not realizing my insurance was invalidated (I just had a copy of the policy no my phone and left it at that as I thought I was covered), not double checking the new policy documents when they arrived in the post after I added the uncle as a second driver and so on. I think AA are clearly at fault as well as I am unaware of receiving correspondence regarding the cancellation (I have had no change of address but my phone number has changed which may be part of the issue as maybe they have the incorrect number logged) and the conversations I had was clearly to add the uncle to the Chysler insurance along with its registration number etc yet no mention was made of me not having a valid policy for this car? Essentially I feel like they have confirmed to me over the phone that he was insured on the Chrysler, the phone conversation was very clear.

My question is where do I stand with this? Is there any advice how I should proceed? I am currently awaiting a call back from AA management which I expect today after they have reviewed the phone conversations I had when adding him as a second driver. This is a very distressing situation as presumably if I cannot get this ironed out with the insurance I have a poor third party on my hands who has been hit by an uninsured driver, the uncle is looking at 6 points and a fine for driving without insurance (which I feel terrible for as he was very careful to check he was fully insured before driving it and only did so on my say so) and I would be looking at giving an uninsured driver the use of my car. Neither of us will have ever knowingly driven the car without insurance. Pretty bad situation!


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