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Hi All.

I wonder whether anyone can help advise on this? I have searched the internet high and low for for further guidance etc but havent got very far.

I have applied recently for Income Protection insurance and have a history of mental health problems (mainly depression.) The insurance company requested to see a GP report and then declined to insure me based on that. This is however not the issue.

Now when I come to look for CAR insurance there is a question that asks “have you ever been refused insurance, had it cancelled, or any special terms involved.” On comparison websites and individual companies it is a simple yes /no answer, and there is nothing where you can further elaborate on reasons why.

I have ran a few ‘dummy’ quotes to see what the difference is, and the results are that if you answer yes to this question many insurance providers wont give you a quote, and with the ones that do, your premium is raised by at least £50.

I am guessing the purpose behind this question is to try and weed out potential fraud and whether you have previously not declared something you’ve known to be true etc.

The question, is am i being discriminated against? If my original application was turned down due to medical reasons then should this make a difference for car insurance as it is totally unrelated (unlike say, travel insurance or life insurance would be.) There are no other ‘health’ questions on a car insurance application apart from are you DVLA fit which is not what this is about anyway.

Presumably everyone gets turned down for some time of insurance at some point in life so is everyone answering yes to this question?

If you have any advice or guidance, or have been in this situation yourself, then your help would be very much appreciated.

It’s as though I am being punished for having depression through a cause which wasn’t my fault, just because I’ve applied for insurance – its ridiculous and morally wrong.

Thank you!


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