Insurance through broker – good idea?


I’m just after some opinions on the following:

We’re in the process of buying a house, we’ve got mortgage offer, survey was fine. We went through a broker for the mortgage (free service) and the guy we dealt with was really nice, I didn’t realise that the brokers was a sort of ‘one stop shop’ so before we knew it we’d used their recommended solicitors (this was fine as it was quite a bit cheaper than the only other quote I got), I declined their surveyor as we had been recommended one previously.

Insurance is next on our to-do list. The broker is being quite persistent in e-mailing us about coming in to talk to him, I’m happy to do this but I genuinely have a problem with politeness and so if we go, we’ll almost certainly go through the broker for insurance (rather than having a think about it).

However, I thought that it might be a good thing to go with someone who’s got lots of experience and knowledge of the market, I assume they’ll earn commission but if it’s free from our side is this likely to cost US more money than if we found an insurer on a comparison site? There’s a lot of small print and I think a broker would be useful in helping us navigate this? I’ve spoken to a couple of recent house-buyers at work and they’re given me exact opposite advice so I’d really value some more opinions on the matter.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of going through a broker?

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