Insure4Retirement- issue with new customer offer


Back in April 2018 MSE website was showing Insure4Retirement had an offer for new customers taking out buildings and contents insurance; £65 of amazon vouchers if you used the click through on MSE site. So after doing comparisons I took the plunge and renewed my policies with Insure4Retirement. I’ve chased the lack of receipt of the vouchers a couple of times, and have been told that there was a problem where people were taking out the insurance, getting the vouchers and then cancelling the insurance (no surprises there really). So they brought in a new process ( and where would we be without those?) which meant that you had to have the insurance for three months before they would send the vouchers out to you.

As we’re now way past the three months, I’ve chased again today only to be told we don’t run that offer any more ?…..yes but you ran the offer when I took the policy out and you’ve previously told me to wait three months for the vouchers, suggesting you had my details on the list to be sent. Hhhmmm I don’t have any vouchers to send you, but I’ll take it away to look into ? Not expecting ever to hear back on that again!

Not a great issue as they were still the most reasonably priced, but it does put a bit of doubt in my mind what they’ll be like if I ever have to claim from them.

Just wondered if anyone else had similar experience?


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