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So then;

I recently had my phone stolen. I send all the necessary claim documentation to my insurer (Thamesbank insurance services via I get an email responses from them: “Your insurer tells us that your insurance expired so we can’t proceed with the claim”. I send them a screenshot of my banking history showing a premium leaving my account one day before they said it expired and two days before the item was stolen. The policy is on auto-renew. The premium amount is exactly the same as it was last year, which also included gadget insurance (although I didn’t receive the policy files this year like I did last year). Homeinsurer email me again; “Your insurer tells us that only the home insurance renewed, not the gadget insurance”

I know some insurance companies can be notorious for trying to wriggle out of paying claims, but this seems somewhat blatant. Any advice? From what I read I can take this to a financial ombudsman service if they don’t play ball. I’ve asked the claims company for the contact details of thamsbank directly in the meantime.

I’m trying to claim for a smartphone; as we all know they’re not cheap!

Many thanks for any and all responses


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