Insuring your stuff in a storage unit


I rented a storage unit from SafeStore for my mums stuff when she died a couple of years ago and although I have gradually cleared it out, I still have it as we are doing some work on the house and it is very useful for putting things while this happens, and it is easier to get rid of them once they are off site, well I find it is.

SafeStore insist you insure your possessions in addition to their storage charge, for a minimum of £4000 although my stuff is worth much less thanthat. However you can use your own insurance and as I have an Personal Possessions away from home (up to £5000) clause on my Home insurance policy, I have been sending them a copy of that when renewal time comes round.

This year they did not ask for a copy of my own insurance policy but slapped an £80 a quarter charge for insurance (up to £4000) on my renewal invoice. I rang them to point out that I supplied a copy of my Home insurance including Personal Possessions away from home, which my insurer had confirmed covered me. They said this was no longer acceptable as all insurance had to show their address of their site. A Personal Possessions away from home clause on a Home policy was not acceptable.

Anyway, looking into it a bit further, my insurers said I was covered but they did not offer a policy extension specifically naming the storage company site. Looking on line I found that Surewise offers policies for stuff in storage units, in my case personal possessions to the value of £4000 is around £55.00 per annum.

Bit different to SafeStore’s £320 per year.

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