Is it possible to get a unionpay card issued in the uk?


Hi all

I am relocating to Shanghai over the summer for a couple of months and I am concerned about how I am going to access money whilst I am in China.

I current bank with nationwide and I have a premier account with HSBC as well. Usually when I’m on holiday in Europe etc I just use my nationwide debit card to lift money from the hole in the wall as it has no fees associated with it. Also I use my nationwide select cc to pay when I can as it has no fees and it gives me a running total of what I have spent on my travels.


These cards are both VISA cards which I have been told are not widely accepted throughout China, especially the credit card. I really don’t want to go and exchange loads of money before I go as I don’t think it’s safe. I thought I could ring HSBC and ask if they can open a Chinese credit card for me to use whilst abroad which would generate a statement in Chinese yuan then pay it off with my nationwide debit.

Is this even a remote possiblility or am I barking up the wrong tree? I know HSBC can open me a Chinese bank account for free but I don’t really want to be doing international bank transfers!

Thanks in advance


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