Is there a process to challenge value on car after accident?



We had an accident and it has been deemed our fault. The car has structural damage and has been written off.

Our insurer has told us the value they are willing to pay. They say because our car was written off before (Cat D) the valuation is significantly affected. The valuation offered is quite a bit (perhaps 15%) lower than I had hoped.

In the previous accident, someone hit our car. We were not at fault. We used the money we received to have the car comprehensively repaired at a Mercedes Benz approved body shop. As a result the car was in superb condition after the repair. We had intended to keep the car long term.

I asked the insurer if I can challenge the valuation amount. They said that there was no possibility of them offering a higher amount. I asked if there was some form of appeal mechanism or industry arbiter that I could apply to but they said no.

Does this sound correct? Do I just have to accept the value? I appreciate that if I had tried to sell the car as a Cat D I would have taken a hit but I had no intention of selling as I knew how good the car was before the accident and after using the MB approved repairer.

Any advice much appreciated.

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