Is there such a thing as a "card statement"


I recently changed banks and therefore changed debit cards.

I tried to withdraw some money from an online bookies, and was informed that I needed to provide them with a photo of my card as a security verification (I can black out 8 of the numbers for my own peace of mind. I sent them a photo of the card that I topped up my account with and it is also linked to the bank account that I was trying to withdraw money to. I was informed that they needed a photo of the card that I signed up with (from the old bank). I told them that this isn’t possible as I no longer have this card. I was told that i need to request a "card statement" from my previous bank which had the card number on it.

I would have thought that I can probably obtain previous bank statements (but these do not have the card number on). Does anyone know if this is possible as the bookies are withholding my withdrawal until I provide this?

Thanks in advance


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