Is third party liable to pay for physiotherapy


I was involved in a Rear End collision in February 2018.

The third party has accept liability for hitting me but they claim they did not collided with my vehicle hard enough to cause damages to vehicle or injuries to myself.

My insurance has conducted an engineer report and has claimed the vehicle a right off.

I am in constant neck pain, headache, shoulder and neck stiffness, and find it hard to sleep at night.

I had a private medical report completed through my own solicitors, which recommended I have physiotherapy to recover.

My question is, do I need to wait for third party insurance to confirm they accept liability for injuries, or the fact that they have accept liability for rear end collision is enough to get the private physiotherapy requested by doctor.

I am trying to get into NHS physiotherapy through my GP but that takes time, and I really feel pain and I am very uncomfortable even as I write this post.

Any advice will really help me.


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